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Architect and design


We provide services within the area of software architecture and design. Architecture refers to the fundamental structure for which the software product will be built around and determines what elements it will contain and in what type of infrastructure these elements will be accommodated in. The role of the architect is to make sure the product is scalable, resilient, efficient and secure. The architecture of the product must balance business requirements with the technical capabilities needed to execute these requirements. This involves evaluating cost, risk and finding the right technical patterns and services.

Our deliverable within this service segment can be:

  • Complete proposals including estimates and technical solution
  • Requirement documentations
  • (SAD) Software Architect Documents
  • Pure consultancy where we provide you with guidance.

Our Architect at Hire Quality has more than 15 years of experience building software and is a certified Microsoft cloud architect Expert. Some of the areas that we are specifically proficient in are:

  • IOT solutions built with Azure provides services (IOT Hub, Stream Analytics)
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Integrations, especially within the area of logistics and CRM integrations
  • Building service management and ticket systems.
  • Order management, stand alone or as part of an existing ERP system.

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