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Custom Software Development Service

Use our expertise for specific tasks.

At Hire Quality Software, we provide custom software development either as a stand-alone service, or as a part of a development project.

So, whether you already have a software project in mind, or you simply want to find ways to improve how your business operates, by engaging our team of software consultants at an early stage we will not only ensure the needs of your business but also support you in your road to success.

What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is the process of creating and maintaining software for your organization. The difference is between commercial software, such as or Microsoft Office, is that they are not as professional. 

Owning a business, you want your website to stand out and portray what you represent. Sponsors would look at a professional website rather than a website made through a website maker.


Why Is Custom Software Development Important?

Custom software is a lengthy process. Most development of websites goes through a 3-6 month process before being ready to upload. It can also be very pricey. We here at Hire Quality ensure your time and resources are used to their maximum potential. Having custom-developed software guarantees benefits that commercial software can not.


Why Choose Us?

We have had years of experience in the industry making a software application that will persevere through the future and meet today’s market standards. Our services range from developing an application from scratch or improving on your already made application. We also provide services to examine software you want to buy or code you are not confident about. As part of our development process, we work with all parties involved to gain an understanding. To allow us to know what the customer wants and how we as the organization can provide it.


Why Outsourcing For Custom Software Development Service​?

Have you ever heard the English phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Leaders are generally known for their exposure to many different environments. One person can only handle so much. That is why opting to receive help from a third party like us who specialized in software programs will save time and money



Custom software is formulated to operate with speed and effectiveness that rivals commercial software by nearly thirty years.


All commercial software is not eligible to be sold. If you ever plan on selling/licensing your software, the custom software you have as an asset can add immense value.


Commercial software is as simple as what you see is what you get. Software that can not grow with the forever advancing market is no place for a business to make living wages. Instead of buying subscriptions every so often, custom software is made to change with trends as the business grows. Think of it as a long-term investment instead of a quick fix.


Just like owning a home, some benefits renting does not offer. As a software owner, you can avoid prices for licensing and support. In addition, if the software you are using goes out of business. You will not be able to recover anything. At the cost of maintenance, you have access to everything using your software. However, building or buying software depends on the needs of your business.

What Are The Processes?


Every business process has its own very specific requirements for what software support it needs. These requirements are determined by interactions. Interactions between customers and suppliers or interactions, manufacturing machines and operators, accounting staff, and management. Our experienced software consultants will work with all key parties to gain an understanding of your business goals, the company’s processes, and both current and future challenges. We will then provide a clear and detailed list of requirements that can form the basis of a future software project.



If an internal requirement gathering process has already taken place, our experienced team of consultants can provide an external, independent assessment to ensure that all factors have been taken into account and help identify significant gaps.



With a good set of requirements, our team can then work with you to develop a comprehensive, well-developed software solution that meets your business needs. Once agreed on a scope of work, the solution will be ready for implementation. The implementation phase can be done either using an internal team provided by the client or by an external software development team. Our team’s involvement at this stage can be as much or as little as you wish for, from providing ongoing consultancy on a need to have basis during the project to take a project management and oversight role, or delivering the entire project from start to finish.



You might have a small development team and you are not 100% confident that their code adheres to best-practice standards, or you might be in the process of buying a software product and you want an expert to have a look at the code before committing to buy it. We provide code review services, where we do a thoughtful analysis of the code base and point out possible issues. But, don’t be concerned.

We are software engineers and we are aware that different styles of coding exist, and we only care about reporting about significant issues in the code, or issues with the security of the application, things that have significant implications for extensibility, maintainability, usability, and securability.

Unfortunately, way too many professional coder reviewers out there are overly concerned about reporting on less important issues, which causes unnecessary friction between management and the developer team. We do what we do with the highest respect of all involved parties.



Hire Quality Software can help you with software development needs. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.