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Application Prototyping Developing Service

We help you with prototyping your software product. Let us help you get started! 

If you have a great idea for a software product, you will need to decide how to go forward and implement it. The common approach is to aim for a minimal viable product (MVP) or to develop a prototype. At

At Hire Quality Software we always recommend going with either of these, to maximize your investment.

What are the Differences between MVP and Prototyping?

Most prototypes we work on are developed for startup companies that want to test an idea or want to develop a product for the purpose of raising investment capital. From a quality point of view, prototypes are developed the same way as if they directly were to be sold on the market. 

The main difference between a prototype and an MVP is the feature set. A prototype contains fewer features and some features might be implemented with only partial support for the requirement it is supposed to match. But our prototypes are never throwaway products and are always built to be further developed to become full-featured products ready to be sold on the market.


What Is a Prototyping Service?

Prototypes are an essential piece of the puzzle that enwraps your application. Likewise, you have an idea or would like advice on where to begin your application. We are here to help. The development process can take months of time and money. Moreover, testing and working through your idea first can save money, time, and mistakes.


Why Choose Us?

Usually, prototypes contain fewer features. Furthermore, some features could be added but not functioning. On the contrary, Hire Quality Software’s products will always meet requirements. There will never be a prototype without the full features you requested.  

We will help you plan out the prototype and make sure you do not spend any more money than needed for this stage of the product.


Why Outsourcing For Application Prototyping Developing Service​?

Have you ever heard the English phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Leaders are generally known for their exposure to many different environments. One person can only handle so much. That is why opting to receive help from a third party like us who specialized in software programs will save time and money


Basic prototypes are known to take two to four weeks. They function with the simple commands you planned out, although it will be a prototype. Our organization makes sure the product meets your expectations. 

Below is a schedule of what the process of developing an application prototype looks like:

Week 1:

  • Sign the Non-Disclosure-Agreement
  • • Application idea discussion session with involved parties
  • • Summarization and discussing validation of ideas
  • • Purpose selection for a prototype
  • • Designing Visually Appealing Graphics and Design


  • • Finishing design of Graphics
  • • Beginning development of the Prototype
  • • Keeping involved parties updated on progress


  • • Prototype Trialing
  • • Prototype ready for usage


Hire Quality Software can help you with software development needs. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.