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Software Modernization and Maintenance

We modernize and maintain your custom applications, so you get the most of your investments


We all know how fast technology advances. In just 20 years, Google is the most popular search engine used by 90% of the population. Even more impressive, technology is coming just around the corner. 

Every 18 months, computer processing speeds double. We will make sure your company stays relevan and competetive. 

Why Do You Need Modernization & Maintenance?

When you incorporate a new custom software solution into your business, you do so because it fulfills a special need. You create it to match your internal processes with a special look and feel to it that matches current trends and your company’s graphical profile. 

With time, your processes change, trends change and the super modern technical platform for which the application was built on will become outdated. At some point you will need to go back and rewrite your initial requirements to match your new business needs and either repurchase a new product or develop a new custom application.

The good news is that custom applications can be maintained and be kept alive for a very long time if an effort is made to continuously upgrade and modernize it.


What Exactly Is Modernization & Maintenance?

To us, modernization and maintenance mean keeping your applications up-to-date, matching your business needs. However, modernization and maintenance include continuous improvements adapting to trends and an increase in customer satisfaction.



Software Modernization is generally a less costly investment compared to reinvest in a new product. Money can be saved, and internal processes can be kept for a longer period of time. The lifetime of a custom-made software can be anything between 5 and 20 years.

Versions of frameworks used for development has support agreements connected to them which expires and hosting environments changes overtime, affecting the lifespan of your application. All this can be amended with software maintenance. 

How Software Modernization Impacts your Business?


Why Outsourcing For Maintenance And Management?

Have you ever heard the English phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Leaders are generally known for their exposure to many different environments. One person can only handle so much. That is why opting to receive help from a third party like us who specialized in software programs will save time and money

Why Choose Us?

We make software modernization profitable. Proven to be time-efficient, we make sure your custom applications do not become outdated. We take care of process upgrades where we add and adapt the application to changes in your business processes.

Some of the upgrades we provide include technical infrastructure, process upgrades, and a graphical user interface upgrade. Technical infrastructure involves moving your software to digital platforms like the cloud (GCP, Azure or AWS.)

Lastly, the graphical user interface, which involves a total redesign of your web or desktop application. We can  redesign the artwork for your application. We care about turning your user interface into a functional and esthetical interface.

Hire Quality Software also provides maintenance agreements for our custom-made applications, covering monitoring and bug fixes as well as a retainer for support and monthly maintenance. Please contact us for more information.


Hire Quality Software can help you with software development needs. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.