Outsourcing and Project Coordination


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Outsourcing and Project Coordination

Outsourcing of software development is getting more common and Thailand is one country of many which are competing in this market. But, be aware that companies providing software outsourcing services are not all the same. At Hire Quality Software we provide a premium outsourcing experience with reasonable prices. Our prices are somewhat higher compared to many of our competitors but as is true in so many other areas, you get what you pay for. We strongly recommend our clients to read this blog post about things to consider before deciding to outsource software development


All outsourcing companies are not the same

Outsourcing software development is not easy, and if you ask us, culture and language barriers are not the biggest issues either, especially in Thailand where all or most outsourcing companies are managed by western staff and have western-educated managers. Instead, the remote nature of outsourcing is more of a problem. To make an outsourcing team work you need to be an expert in collaboration, project coordination and communication both written and spoken. The sharing of the project vision is a second key area. The project vision needs to be shared between the client and the supplier so that requirement details can be unfolded during implementation with help from all people involved, including the outsourced development team.

At Hire Quality Software we provide outsourcing with transparency. We provide transparency in the following ways:

  • We invite the client to join our sprint planning sessions once every 2 weeks using our online collaboration platform. The same is true for kick-off and kick-out meetings.
  • We have a retrospective meeting with the team once every two weeks, where we write down “what did we do well”, “what can we improve” and “how can we improve” on a whiteboard. Pictures of these retrospective boards are then made accessible to the client after the meeting ends.
  • Our projects progress both in terms of time spent and progress are tracked by JIRA. If requested by the client, we can provide access to our JIRA instance to facilitate real-time tracking of how much time our resources spent on the project and if we are above of below the estimates.
  • For clients who have dedicated teams with us, we always attached time sheets to our invoices containing detailed description of time spent for each individual consultant.
  • We host our code in the cloud and if requested we can grant access to our account which gives our clients full insight into what code we are writing, our code review comments, when the latest deployment to our external test server was done and if any automated tests failed.

We provide outsourcing services in three different packages

  • Fixed Priced Projects – We write you a proposal and set a price to the scope of work. After the project is completed we provide a three-month bug-guarantee where we fix any found bugs free of charge.
  • Time and Material Projects – We write you a proposal with an estimated scope of work and an estimated cost. We will be invoicing you once a month for the amount of time spent by our team, based on each resource category hourly rate.
  • Dedicated Teams – We provide you with a team consisting of the exact types of resources you need. We invoice you once a month for the amount of time spent by the team. This option is recommended for clients who already have a local team and is looking for growing their team by hiring additional developers, quality assurance consultants, architects or project managers to be located in an offshore team in Thailand.


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