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Application Prototyping

If you have a great idea for a software product, you will need to decide how to go forward and implement it. The common approach is to aim for a minimal viable product (MVP) or to develop a prototype. At Hire Quality Software we always recommend to go with either of these, to maximize your investment.

Most prototypes we work on are developed for startup companies that want to test an idea or want to develop a product for the purpose of raising investment capital. From a quality point of view, prototypes are developed the same way as if they directly were to be sold on the market. The main difference between a prototype and an MVP is the feature set. A prototype contains fewer features and some features might be implemented with only partial support for the requirement it is supposed to match. But our prototypes are never throwaway products and are always built to be further developed to become full-featured products ready to be sold on the market.

We at Hire Quality Software understand business value and we will help you scope the prototype and advise you to make sure you don’t spend more money on the prototype than what is appropriate for this stage of the product.

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