QA and Test Automation

QA and Test Automation

We provide QA as a service or part of a project team.

QA and Test Automation

We take quality assurance very seriously and we are continuously trying to improve our test process. We know that sub-optimal testing leads to waste of time during the development process, and waste of client confidence if the product is not bug-free when released.

From years of experienced we also know that quality assurance can be a time-consuming task and that it becomes increasingly hard to keep up the QA effort the further the project evolves. For this reason, our development teams spend less than 25% of our QA effort on manual testing and the rest of the time developing and maintaining automated tests. Since we began focusing more on automated tests, we have seen improvements in quality and we have reduced the overall time spent on QA.

Our automated tests can be divided into GUI tests and code tests. For GUI tests we use Selenium which is an open source framework for running tests directly against the user interface, works both for web applications as well as mobile applications. Our code tests consist of a combination of low level unit tests and high level integrations test involving.

Writing software is not easy nor is testing it flawlessly. So Automation is a really attractive choice for all Quality Assurance guys out there and companies making and distributing software. Not only does it save an ample amount of time but also cuts the budgets allocated for testing by resolving issues that may cheat a human eye. But let’s not get carried away, humans almost inevitably beat the computer in two ways – creativity and learning – and that still makes us very much relevant to software QA testing.

At Hire Quality you can either get QA resources as part of a team for a fixed priced project or as part of a dedicated team or as an individual resource.

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