Software Modernization and Maintenance

We modernize and maintain your custom applications

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Software Modernization and Maintenance

When you incorporate a new custom software solution into your business, you do so because it fulfills a special need. You create it to match your internal processes with a special look and feel to it that matches current trends and your company’s graphical profile. With time, your processes change, trends change and the super modern technical platform for which the application was built on will become old. At some point you will need to go back and rewrite your initial requirements to match your new business needs and either repurchase a new product or develop a new custom application.

Modern Software Development

The good news is that custom applications can be maintained and be kept a live for a very long time if an effort is made to continuously upgrade and modernize it.

  • Technical infrastructure upgrades involving migrations to cloud environments (GCP, Azure or AWS) or upgrade directly on your on-premises servers
  • Process upgrades where we add and adapt the application to changes in your business processes
  • Graphical user interface upgrades involving total re-design of your web or desktop application

Hire Quality Software also provides maintenance agreements for our custom-made applications, covering monitoring and bug fixes as well as a retainer for support and monthly maintenance. Please contact us for more information.

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