System Integrations

System Integration

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System Integrations

System integration projects can be very complex and demand a lot of communication, especially if the integration spans organizations. It is also often the case that a system integration involves zero tolerance for loss of data and that it needs to be running 24/7 with very little downtime.

At Hire Quality Software we are experts in building resilient integration solutions involving custom-made, reusable platforms. Many of our clients, perhaps even most of them have been small companies with limited in house knowledge about system integration. This can be challenging. As a consultant working with integration, you need to know a lot about the underlying business to be able to transform between data formats and what rules to apply. If you hire us, you will be getting a Swedish contact which will guide you through the process.

Our experience spans order management systems and logistics. We are familiar with integrating with ERP systems such as SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. We have also been fortunate to work with many logistics companies. Here below is a list of systems we are familiar with integrating with, within this business area:

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