A new software consultancy firm backed by Western quality

Swedish Hire Quality AB is establishing a new software house Hire Quality Software in Chiang Mai Thailand. Many companies have experienced the benefits of overseas software application development rather than developing them onshore and this launch will allow Hire Quality AB to provide clients with high-quality outsourcing options at very reasonable prices.

By doing this Swedish Hire Quality AB takes a step out into the global market. Hire Quality AB will continue serving the local Swedish market with talented consultants. With the addition of Hire Quality Software, we can provide new and existing clients with services at 30-60% lower rates compared to our onshore offerings. This has the potential of significantly reducing the cost of application development and maintenance for our clients, says Daniel Sonebrand CEO of Swedish Hire Quality AB.

Hire Quality Software has the potential to be a significant player in the outsourcing segment, especially with Swedish clients but also worldwide. We will provide services spanning from dedicated teams managed by our clients to fully managed projects with fixed price commitments, says Fredrik Rudberg the new CEO of Hire Quality Software.

Hire Quality Softwares’ main concern will be to provide start-up businesses, SME, and enterprise businesses with development, graphic design, quality assurance, requirements gathering services, and software architect design resources, supporting a wide range of business domains and technologies.

What makes Hire Quality Software stand out among its competitors is that they have expert software engineers and managers from Western countries working together with local talented engineers, managers, and UI experts. This combination of qualities makes an attractive mix and works as a safeguard for companies looking for overseas software development but are concerned about cultural gaps and low service quality.