Architect and design

We provide services within the area of software architecture and design. Architecture refers to the fundamental structure for which the software product will be built around and determines what elements it will contain and in what type of infrastructure these elements will be accommodated in. The role of the architect is to make sure the product is scalable, resilient, efficient and secure. The architecture of the product must balance business requirements with the technical capabilities needed to execute these requirements.

Software Modernization and Maintenance

When you incorporate a new custom software solution into your business, you do so because it fulfills a special need. You create it to match your internal processes with a special look and feel to it that matches current trends and your company’s graphical profile. With time, your processes change, trends change and the super modern technical platform for which the application was built on will become old. At some point you will need to go back and rewrite your

QA and Test Automation

We take quality assurance very seriously and we are continuously trying to improve our test process. We know that sub-optimal testing leads to waste of time during the development process, and waste of client confidence if the product is not bug-free when released. From years of experienced we also know that quality assurance can be a time-consuming task and that it becomes increasingly hard to keep up the QA effort the further the project evolves. For this reason, our development

Custom Software Development

At Hire Quality we provide custom software development either as a stand-alone service, or as a part of a development project. So, whether you already have a software project in mind, or you simply want to find ways to improve how your business operates, by engaging our team of software consultants at an early stage we will not only ensure the needs of your business but also support you in your road to success. Feel free to visit our demo