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Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Test Automation

We provide both QA as a service or part of a project team. 

To succeed, you need a plan before you start. Writers outline, athletes are given an offseason schedule, and here we use test automation technology to save us time. We use modern tools for test automatization, we will ensure your application will be received bug-free.

The quality of your software will never be mediocre. We know that the competition is fierce, so we keep improving the methods we use to test your software.

Why Do You Need Quality Assurance (QA)?

Let us be clear; quality assurance covers two concepts. These concepts are testing and quality control. Quality control is conducting tests on a finished or almost completed product to ensure its programs work efficiently. Quality assurance focuses on the overall stages of the development of your software. 

Think of it as someone renovating your house and keeping you updated on everything they have been doing and will do. These processes are crucial to the outcome of your software. If a software development firm does not have quality assurance, you may want to rethink who you are hiring.


What EXACTLY Is Software Quality Assurance?

Software quality assurance refers to the countless hours of work we have spent creating our software development process. We divide our tests into GUI, API, Integration, and Component. In referral to quality assurance, nearly 99% runs through computer programs. That can correct what would take hours for the human eye to detect.



It is pretty obvious. Technology is better at doing our job than we do it. A computer can research every single strategy, article, and video on chess. A human would never be capable of absorbing that much information in that time and probably never will in their lifetime. Test automation is the closest thing we have to a time machine. Humans can make a mistake. Computers can only make mistakes when programmed.

How Test Automation Impacts your Business?


Why Outsourcing For QA and Testing Services?

Have you ever heard the English phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Leaders are generally known for their exposure to many different environments. One person can only handle so much. That is why opting to receive help from a third party like us who specialized in software programs will save time and money

Why Choose Us?

Our testing expertise.

Your software application is not just another one of hundreds of software we have worked on. We take quality assurance as seriously as if we were the owner of your business. We are continuously trying to improve our test process. We know that suboptimal testing leads to waste of time during the development process, and waste of client confidence if the product is not bug-free when released.

Creativity and learning.

Writing software is not easy nor is testing it flawlessly. Automation is a really attractive choice for all Quality Assurance guys out there and companies distributing software. Not only does it save an ample amount of time but also cuts the budgets allocated for testing by resolving issues that may cheat a human eye. But, let’s not get carried away, humans almost inevitably beat the computer in two ways – creativity and learning – and that still makes us very much relevant to software QA testing.

Work smarter, not harder.

From years of experience, we know the process of quality assurance can be time-consuming. We have tested outlines time and time again. Our most recent schedule we follow permits that 25% of our effort is in manual testing. The rest is automated testing. Since we began focusing more on automated tests, we have seen improvements in quality and we have reduced the overall time spent on QA.

At Hire Quality Software, you can either get QA resources as part of a team for a fixed priced project or as part of a dedicated team or as an individual resource.


Hire Quality Software can help you with your software development needs. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.