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System Integrations Solutions & Services

We can help you build integrations with your customers. 

System integration projects can be very complex and demand a lot of communication, especially if the integration spans organizations. It is also often the case that a system integration involves zero tolerance for loss of data and that it needs to be running 24/7 with very little downtime.

Integrated systems are needed because the process can boost the speed of information flows and greatly reduce operational costs.

What Does Software Integration Services Do?

Software integration covers a broad range of topics. Moreover, they are classified into Data integration, API integration, and Enterprise Application integrations. The end goal is to combine all of your organization’s data and keep it running with very little time for maintenance. 

Think of integration as the eyes of your business. Without the data, you can not operate or make decisions. We are experts in building custom, reusable platforms that will last. 


Does Your Business Need Software Integration Services?

To help you decide when you need an integration solution, you want to make sure one of these applies to you.

  • 🔘   Extend the functionality of software due to growing business
  • 🔘   Change the way your current integration system operates
  • 🔘   Have more organized data to provide better products for customers (Better products means more satisfied customers)
  • 🔘   Need to exchange data through multiple organizations



How do you know what benefits you will receive? Let us explain, data is one of the most important aspects of a business. But, there is a lot of it. The age of timesheets and manual tracking of supplies is outdated. It is slowing down the process. During the pandemic, various industries are suffering the consequences of having outdated supply management systems. Here is a list of the benefits specialized software integration offers:

  • 🔘   Increase the amount of information at a fast, precise speed that is exchanged among vendors
  • 🔘   Raise productivity by allowing companies access to all data. In a way, untrained eyes can understand
  • 🔘   Overall ensures accurate analyzing and reporting systems that can inspect large amounts of data

Benefits Of Specialized Software Integration Services?


How We Help with Data Visualization & Reporting

System integration and data visualization go hand in hand. System integration is the accuracy, speed, and amount of data the software can provide at any given time. Although, Data visualization is a display of that data. We specialize in order management systems and logistics. You want to make sure the data you show possible sponsors and your targeted audience is as thorough as possible.

Our experience spans order management systems and logistics. We are familiar with integrating with ERP systems such as SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. We have also been fortunate to work with many logistics companies. 
Here below is a list of systems we are familiar with integrating with, within this business area:
Integration clients


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