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Finding engaged people you can trust is not easy, we know. If you are looking for a professional consultancy firm for software development, look no further. Hire Quality originates from Sweden and this is our international site for our software outsourcing office in Chiang Mai Thailand. We provide Swedish quality to a reasonable cost.

Link to our Swedish office

Architecture and design

We turn your ideas into technical descriptions and designs

Software modernization and maintenance

We modernize your legacy web application.

QA and test automation

We help you add automation tests to your existing applications.

Consulting Services

We develop your custom web or mobile application from specification.

Application prototyping

We can create a working prototype for a reasonable price.

Data Visualization

Do you need reports, dashboards or full warehouse solutions?

System integrations

We deliver integration solutions, between businesses or between system within a single business.

outsourcing and project coordination

We proudly provide outsourcing, with a mixture of local talents and western project managers fluent in English.

Why Hire Quality?

your problems are our problems

Here at Hire Quality we care about you and our approach is not to just solve your problems and fulfill your vision, but to absorb them and call them our own, it becomes our problems to solve and our vision to fulfill and we will walk beside you all the way, from project start to completion. For us, engagement is everything

We work together to find the best solutions

We know that developing software is not easy. It’s not just a matter of turning requirements into an application, but also making sure that the requirements collected works from a business point of view. Before we even write a single line of code, we will work together with you and make sure that things fits nicely together as intended, and that nothing important is left out.

We deliver with speed and precision

For us speed matters and we are continuously working on optimizing how we deliver. This concerns both our management processes as well as training our developers to become more precise and increase their ability to create flawless code which complies to the highest standards, in a pace that matches the best development teams on the market.

Do you want to learn about setting up an extended development team with us?

We provide dedicated teams spanning project management, development and QA.


Software development outsourcing is the practice of utilizing software development resources in a foreign country where the cost of human resources is lower compared to western countries. Many of our clients come to us with previous bad experiences involving outsourcing, with cultural and communication issues. Hire Quality provides a mixture of western top of the line architects, developers and project managers who work with local talents. This mixture provides a lower fee, with sustained western standard quality. 

We ensure quality by making sure to have a good mix of western resources and top of the line local developers. Hire Quality is somewhat unique in the sense that we are careful with choosing both projects and talents. Quality is perhaps the most important core value we have and we simply don’t grow the business unless we can keep a top of the line quality in every aspect. This is also why we give you a 100% money-back guarantee. 

We have a few different pricing models spanning from dedicated teams, time and material based pricing models to full fixed price project commitments. Depending on the pricing model the fees will differ. For example, our hourly rate for time and material based commitments is between 30 USD per hour to 75 USD per hour depending on the type of talent and level of experience. The fee of a fixed price project depends on things like technology stack, complexity and risk.

Yes, it really is. Thailand and especially Chiang Mai have flourished in the area of software development for a long time. Many western top of the line software developers live in Chiang Mai and the city is known to be the top 1 place for digital nomads in Asia. Because developing software is expensive, many companies outsource software development and it has been like this for many years. A local developer in Chiang Mai, with experience working for Hire Quality or any of the other local software development consultancy companies, have been exposed to custom development of various complexity to an extent which most western developers have not, for the simple reason that “custom development” is outsourced to save money.

For us, quality is what matters and we limit our offerings to areas that we can excel in. We work with the Microsoft technology stack for API development using C#. For frontend development, we use Angular and ReactJS. We are certified experts in Microsoft Azure and rely on Azure for everything from CI/CD to hosting of our test environments. We have mobile native developers both for iOS and Android, we also provide hybrid solutions using React Native. Our CMS solutions are based on WordPress. 

85% of our projects are outsourcing projects. Most of our clients are SME businesses or start-ups, with custom development needs. In addition, we usually have 1 or 2 integration projects running. Our expertise is in development where some degree of complexity exists. To a lesser extent we also do CMS projects involving intranets or external websites using WordPress or SharePoint.