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We provide offshore software development from Thailand with a premium consultancy experience

Hire Quality Software provides outsourcing software services to a global market. Most of our clients are startups or established companies in countries with a higher cost of living. They understand that you can get a competitive edge by using lower cost high quality software development resources from countries like Thailand..

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Finding engaged, competent service providers you can trust is not easy, we know. If you are looking for a professional software consultancy firm for software development, look no further. We have office both in Sweden and in Thailand

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Why Hire Quality Software?

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Your problems are our problems

Here at Hire Quality Software we care about you and our approach is to not just solve your problems and fulfill your vision, but to absorb them and call them our own, at least for a while, they become our problems to solve and our vision to fulfill, and we will walk beside you all the way, from project start to completion. For us, engagement is everything.

We work together to find the best solutions

We know that developing software is not easy. It’s not just a matter of turning requirements into an application, but also making sure that the requirements collected works from a business point of view. Before we even write a single line of code, we will work together with you and make sure that things fits nicely together as intended, and that nothing important is left out.

We deliver with speed and precision

For us speed matters, and we are continuously working on optimizing how we deliver our services. This includes both our management processes as well as our process for training our developers to become more precise and to increase their ability to create flawless code which complies to the highest standards, in a pace that matches the best development teams on the market. 

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We provide dedicated teams spanning project management, software development and quality assurance


Software development outsourcing is the practice of utilizing software development resources in a foreign country where the cost of human resources is lower compared to western countries. 

Many of our clients come to us with previous bad experiences involving offshore outsourcing, with cultural and communication issues. Hire Quality Software provides a mixture of western top of the line architects, software developers, and project managers all working together with local talents. This mixture of western and local talents gives us the best of both worlds, and importantly with sustained quality.

Before you decide if outsourcing of your software development needs is for you, I strongly recommend you to read this article written by Fredrik Rudberg. The CEO of Hire Quality Software explaining what you should be thinking about before signing a contract with an outsourcing software development company.

Chiang Mai is known for being one of the best places for digital nomads, and this has been the case for the last 15 years at least. This inflow of digital entrepreneurs has affected the city big time and has turned Chiang Mai into a city with and for the software industry. I think few places in the world have the same mix of well-educated IT professional expats with successful careers behind them and well educated local talents, working together to provide high quality outsourcing services.

If you are from UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and want to work with someone sharing your culture there is no better place to find an outsourcing partner than here in Chiang Mai, and hopefully, you find the offerings of Hire Quality Software attractive.

Most of our clients are SME businesses or start-ups, with custom development needs. Our expertise is mainly in web development, especially when the initial requirements are not 100% clear and when the implementation work has some anticipated complexity to it.

To a lesser extent, we also do CMS projects involving intranet development or development of external websites using WordPress or SharePoint, but the competition in this latter segment is getting fierce, and there are far cheaper service providers than Hire Quality Software for this kind of work. Our focus is to provide premium services to clients when quality, communication, and transparency matters. 

Hire Quality Software has connections with other local software development providers here in Chiang Mai and if we can’t provide you with an offering that matches your needs we might still be able to connect you with someone who can. We are here to help, and we strongly believe that success comes from providing value to as many people as possible in a true and honest way.

For us, quality is what matters, and we limit our offerings to areas that we can excel in. As a Microsoft Partner, we work with the Microsoft technology stack for API development using C#. For frontend development, we use Angular and React-js. We have certified experts in Microsoft Azure and rely on Azure for everything from CI/CD to hosting of our test environments. We have mobile native developers both for iOS and Android, we also provide hybrid solutions using React Native. Our CMS solutions are based on WordPress. 

How long is a piece of string? This question concerning cost is really hard to answer. I strongly suggest that you write us an email explaining what your needs are, and I can promise you that you will be getting a lot of useful information back in a reply.

Hire Quality Software has a few different pricing models, from dedicated teams, time and material based, to full fixed price project commitments. Depending on the pricing model the fees will differ. For example, our hourly rate for time and material based commitments is between 25 USD per hour to 70 USD per hour depending on the assignment, the type of talent needed, and the level of experience of our talent. The fee of a fixed price project depends on things like technology stack, complexity, and risk.

At Hire Quality Software we have a value-based pricing model culture, where we do our best to deliver value to our clients rather than used up billable hours. With us, you pay for deliverables. If we don’t believe in your product or if we don’t think we can create a product that meets your expectations we will let you know in advance. Some people might consider us picky, but for us it is a matter of making sure that hours spent ends up in real value. If we end up saying no, for whatever reason, we will try to connect you with someone we trust and who we think can help you to go forward.

Yes, you can. We can provide you with a dedicated team of developers where you can choose exactly who you want to work with and to what extent. Most of our clients are communicating with their teams remotely, but If you want to relocate a project manager to Chiang Mai to work on-site with your team, we can also provide you with support for this.

Many clients contact us without knowing the deeper details of the product they want to create. Depending on if you are looking to outsourcing a project or hiring a dedicated team of developers, we will approach you differently. If for example, you want us to develop a product for you to a fixed price then we will start by having a workshop together with you to gather requirements. 

Project requirements at Hire Quality Software consist of three parts. 1) A general description of the application, describing its purpose and main features as well as a high-level technical solution overview. 2) Wireframes or mock-ups for areas of high complexity. 3) A list of use cases for all human and machine interactions covered by the application, and some high-level description of each. For more information about use cases you can read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Use_case

At Hire Quality Software we are using an Agile approach during development by applying the Scrum methodology. The details of your product requirements will be unfolded during the implementation phase, and we will be working together with you to make sure that what we deliver is what you want, and that we keep the cost within the allocated budget. Read more about Scrum here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(software_development).

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